Water heaters

Water heaters are used for the heating of various types of rooms

Water heaters are used for the heating of various types of rooms such as production halls, warehouses, shops, garages, malls, etc. and must be connected to the central heating system.

The heating coil inside the water heater achieves a high temperature and the axial fan blows the warm air into the room via the adjustable damper. This heats the entire room very quickly.

Water heaters do not occupy a lot of space but are very effective. Use of the latest technology in our heating fans guarantees high efficiency and comfort and they will work smoothly for years.

Heating fans are delivered in original colors that match all rooms.

Our heating fans

We stock heating fans with the following effects: (at an ambient temperature of 10 °C and a water temperature of 70/40 °

  • VR-mini: 12.4 kW
  • VR1: 17.8 kW
  • VR2: 29.8 kW
  • VR3: 44.8 kW

Our heating fans are very environmentally friendly, as 100% of the materials used can be recycled. The EC motors guarantee maximum efficiency at reduced speeds.

Stepless rotation control is now available for EC motors.

  • Higher efficiency compared to regular engines
  • Excellent durability
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Possibility of direct connection to BMS system

Please contact us for an offer for your next water heater. We sluck all the above types and accessories in Aalborg and also have a small stock at our Ballerup department. This enables us to deliver them from day to day at most addresses in Denmark and within a week to the rest of Europe.

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