Electric heating elements

Electric heating elements

Electric heating elements for air heating

Electric heating elements are suitable for both duct installation and installation in ventilation units.

Properly dimensioned rectangular duct heaters are able to heat entire houses and buildings.

Our rectangular duct heaters are available with effects up to 2000 kW and are used to heat the supply air in comfort- and process plants and as supplementary heating in recycling plants as well as for various industrial processes.

Our flexible production allows us to adapt our duct heaters exactly to the application.

This applies to heaters for air handling units industrial processes or very harsh environments.

In some cases, reinforced electrical insulation, stainless materials, high temperatures or the like are required


  • Power range 0.5 kW – 2000 kW
  • Protection class IP43 as standard, IP55 / IP65 on request
  • Control: – External control, – Built-in controller, – Can be equipped with Modbus communication
  • Can be mounted both horizontally and vertically
  • Built-in fire thermostat, min. one automatic and one manual reset
  • Closed door element in stainless steel
  • Supplied as standard with heating elements in AISI 304, alternatively in AISI 316 and with frame in aluzinc, alternatively with frame in AISI 304 or 316
  • Built-in Electronic Flow Monitor is included in several models
  • Many options to adapt the heater to your specific needs

As with our finned heat exchangers, our electric heating elements are also completely customized and dimensioned to your specifications.

We do not stock electric heating elements, but we do have a fairly short delivery time for this product and are very flexible in cases where a short delivery time is essential.

If you are interested in hearing more about our electric heating elements for air heating, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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