Heat exchangers

Heat exchangers for heating and cooling of air

Finned heat exchangers are our core product which we have produced at the factory in Aalborg since the company was founded more than 40 years ago. Initially, the basic production consisted of heat exchangers in copper and aluminum for cooling, ventilation and heating.

Over time, we have significantly expanded our range and today we offer a number of different types of heat exchangers, both for heating and cooling of air in ventilation systems and industrial processes. All calculations are made in our own calculation program ttc Design. ttc Design is a unique program that was developed by tt coil many years ago based on more than 40 years of experience in coil production. Our heat exchangers are completely customized, and we can supply them in many different sizes and material combinations. In addition, we also have some standard heat exchangers in stock, which you can find under the menu item Coils in stock.

We can deliver our stocked heat exchangers from day to day at most delivery addresses in Denmark and within a few days at most addresses in Europe.

Your choice of heat exchanger

If you have questions regarding choosing a heat exchanger or need further details or measurements on a particular model, you are very welcome to contact us by phone (+45) 98 15 95 00 or (+45) 44 200 400. You may want us to prepare a non-binding offer or to dimension a heat exchanger.

We have sales departments in Aalborg and Ballerup and our skilled sales people are always ready by phone or e-mail. If you need to replace an existing heat exchanger, you can use our Coil Sizing Guideline below. In it, you can find the physical data for use in dimensioning.

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