Circular Duct Heaters (Class D) HW

Circular Duct Heaters (Class D) HW

Our HW with circular duct connections uses hot water as the energy carrier and is used for heating the ventilation air in a ventilation system.

The HW can also be used for heating individual rooms or zones. For controlling the room or the supply-air temperature, the duct heater is supplemented with regulators, sensors, actuators, valves and anti-freeze protection.

  • 15 standard sizes
  • Circular duct connection with rubber seal
  • Casing of Aluzinc-coated sheet steel, AZ 185
  • Openable cover for inspection and cleaning.
  • Hot water coil with 2 or 3 tube rows
  • Conforms to Air tightness class D to EN 15727

Please find below an overview of the different types:

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