Grain drying

Heating coils for grain drying

Our heating coils for grain drying with flange duct connections are a popular product, which we have stocked for a number of years at our facilities in Aalborg. We experience a high demand for this product in the autumn period especially.

This is because grain drying coils are primarily used in the autumn season as part of large or small grain drying plants for drying e.g. rapeseed, wheat, corn, beans, etc.

In addition to the 2 standard versions that we stock, our grain drying heating coils can of course also be produced according to desired size and performance and in several different material combinations and sizes.

As with our other types of heat exchangers, we can also supply heating coils according to customer specifications.

Specifications for stocked heating coils for grain drying:

  • 2 standard sizes
  • Suitable for air volumes up to 40,000 m3/h
  • Flange duct connection
  • Frame in galvanized sheet material
  • Copper tubes and steel tube connections
  • Fins in extra strong aluminum suitable for dusty environment
  • Suitable for grain drying and other heating of air in a dusty environment

Below is a detailed overview of the types as well as drawings of the individual types:

Overview of heaters for grain drying:

Grain drying

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