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With Flange Duct Conn. (Class A) HW

With Flange Duct Conn. (Class A) HW

Varmeflade til korntørring

We have a selection of heating coils in stock at our premises in Aalborg and on placement of an order before 12.00 we can
deliver the heating coils anywhere in Denmark the following day and within 2-5 days to other European countries. Overview
of heating coils:

Heating Coils

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Type Airflow m3/h
HW200200 500
HW300200 750
HW300300 1150
HW450300 1700
HW400400 2000
HW600400 3000
HW500500 3150
HW600600 4500
HW750500 4700
HW900600 6800
HW800800 8000
HW1200800 12000
HW15001000 19000